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Mithilesh Singh Premi Album/Movie Song Download

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1. Bhar Sawan Ganja Becha.mp3

Artist : Mithilesh Singh Premi ,Shivani Singh

File Size : 3.95 Mb

Album : Bhar Sawan Ganja Becha (Mithilesh Singh Premi , Shivani Singh)

2. Ropaniya Hamra Se Hoi Na.mp3

Artist : Mithilesh Singh Premi,Shilpi Raj

File Size : 4.56 Mb

Album : Ropaniya Hamra Se Hoi Na (Mithilesh Singh Premi, Shilpi Raj) 2022 Mp3 Song

3. Piya Bahara Na Jai Kari Ghare Kheti Kisani.mp3

Artist : Shiwani Singh,Mithilesh Singh Premi

File Size : 3.88 Mb

Album : Kheti Kisani (Shiwani Singh, Mithilesh Singh Premi) 2022 Mp3 Song

4. Jhar Ke Jhulufiya Bechela Kulufiya.mp3

Artist : Shilpi Raj ,Mithilesh Singh Premi

File Size : 3.34 Mb

Album : Jhar Ke Jhulufiya Bechela Kulufiya (Shilpi Raj , Mithilesh Singh Premi) Mp3 Song

5. Bhar Garmi Tadi Becha.mp3

Artist : Mithilesh Singh Premi,Shivani Singh

File Size : 3.9 Mb

Album : Padi Becha Tadi Becha (Mithilesh Singh Premi, Shivani Singh) 2022 Mp3 Song

6. Parda Ke Chiz Marda Ke Ha Mp3 Song.mp3

Artist : Mithilesh Singh Premi ,Neha Raj

File Size : 3.77 Mb

Album : Parda Ke Chiz Marda Ke Ha (Mithilesh Singh Premi , Neha Raj) Mp3 Song 2022

7. Dehiye Ke Garmi Mp3 Song.mp3

Artist : Shilpi Raj ,Mithilesh Singh Premi

File Size : 2.88 Mb

Album : Dehiye Ke Garmi (Shilpi Raj , Mithilesh Singh Premi) 2021 Mp3 Song

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